Compound C

"For the over worked, the underslept,
 the sore and the high-strung"

Why We Exist.

Hi, My name is Joel.

In 2020, I suffered a crippling knee injury. The pain, anxiety and sleeplessness made even the simplest tasks overwhelming and my business of 10 years began to fail.

This is when I discovered what would become Nero and everything changed.

Tap below for the full turnaround story (promise I've kept it short)

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The NERO Collection

Australian Grown Hemp Extracts

Compound C Starter (20mg/ml)
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Compound C Starter (20mg/ml)

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Compound C Bronze (100mg/ml)

Compound C Bronze (100mg/ml)

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Compound C Silver (150mg/ml)

Compound C Silver (150mg/ml)

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Compound C GOLD (200mg/ml)

Compound C GOLD (200mg/ml)

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What They're Saying

Used by leaders in every field.

Keira H

ANZ Tech Marketing Lead

Working for a Fortune 500 company, I am managing multiple projects with teams all across ANZ. This impacts my sleep and stress levels drastically and since implementing practices from the Nero Toolkit, I'm consistently at the top of my game.

David Crane

Founder, Instinct Health & Performance

I noticed a pretty immediate positive effect on sleep quality and feeling overall more rested upon waking. Ive found the Nero Toolkit to be super helpful in finding a more relaxed and recoverable state quicker after training and helping the mind wind down after a busy day at work.

Yushin Kang

Software Engineer, Nullify

I'm regularly working late into the night staring at blue light. Normally this would cause a lot of disruptions in my sleep - particularly poor quality/lack of depth. Using Nero tools roughly 30 mins before bed, i've greatly reduced the time to fall asleep, feel much more refreshed in the morning. I can't recommend Nero's toolkit enough.

The Starter.

The first step to a refreshed you.

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